images 1Today there is the sixth day of public voting at the festival " Museum geek". All in all there are  5000 votes. Each project is supported by its fans. 12 projects gather more than 100 votes. Below there is the list of the projects gathered more than 100 votes:

1."1000  museums of Belarus" -213 votes

2 . "Virtual Excurtion" in Ostankino Museum — 172 votes

3."When there was a war " ( Chernishevsky's Museum) — 167 votes

4. "Virtual Museum of Lesnoy town" — 165 votes

5."Water Mill in Bugrov" — 156 nvotes

6.Virtual Museum " History of exile in Khanti -Mansiysk region — Ugra" -132 votes

7."Quick Response "  - system of QR codes in exposition of Poloitsky museum-preserve — 118 votes

8.Digital Copy of Simeon Polotsky manuscript "Lexicon"  ( Politsky museum-preserve) — 118 votes

9.Internation semantic system "Open Karelia"  of National Museum of Karelia -108 votes

10. Belozersky Kremlin: virtual time travel  - 107 votes

11.Literal Calendar ( Pushkin preserve) — 104 votes

12.History of  light and cold steel weapons — 103 votes


gik bez fonaDear all! The admittance of applications to the Second Festival of the museum multimedia has been finished

Thank you all ! We appreciate your participation : it is important to have  professional communication and to share not only ideas but also produccts


Some first figures

60 museums — participants

98 applications :

Virtual tours — 20

Puzzles and quizzes — 10

Multimedia exhibition/exposition -24

Multimedia films and teasers — 28

Electronic catalogues ( data bases) — 9

вниманиеAttention, please!!! There were lots of questions about the meaning of the nominations  "multimedia exhibition/exhposition" and "multimedia book".  The explanation is below:

Multimedia  exhibition//exhposition :  multimedia programmes designed for particular exhibition that are also published on the internet. Please send a brief description of the exhibition concept, objectives of using multimedia at the exhibition/exhposition, several photos of the exhibition/exhposition and internet link to the multimedia programme. 

Multimedia books: electronic books with multimedia :3D,video, audio and digital images of high resolution

adit 2015 100International Conference of digital technologies in museums, libraries and archives ADIT2015 , Vologda.  Talks at the  section «Museum Geek», September 25, 2015 

Natalya  Kirshina, The State architectural museum-preserve, Vologda:  «Museum Encounter: from idea to realisation». This project is the winner of the Grand Prix  —  of the  first season 

Alexander Suvorov , The State architectural museum-preserve, Vologda : Internet projects:  «Vologda people in the history of the Russian Americ» and Sofia cathedral in Vologda 

Sergey Sazonov, Rostov Kreml Museum: «Slow reading.,Presentation of the most ancient russian Iconostatus in super high  resolution »

Aleksey Smirnov,Kirillo-Belozersky museum-preserve : «Digital Strategy of the Kirillo Belozersy museum-preserve"

Nikolai Selivanov, Мастерская художественного проектирования (Moscow): «Cultural Heritage,Digital Methods and Tools for Kids and Teens  in Internet»

Sergey Sazonov, Rostov Kreml Museum: «Hurricane in Rostov. 1953 »

Olga Sinytsina, member of the Board, ADIT: «Internet Festival of the Museum Multimedia:first impressions»